Heavy Duty Flammable Storage Cabinet 160 Litres Brisbane

Part No: EW-PS161

NS-PS161 160 litre capacity flammable storage cabinet to suit most classes of dangerous goods
$2,170.00 excl tax



  • Flagship range of safety cabinets
  • 25% heavier gauge materials than minimum requirement
  • Venting option with built-in flash arrestors
  • Adjustable shelving heights
  • Unique spark-proof, self latching locking system with lockable handle
  • Unique cabinet sizing
  • Generous large capacity storage
  • Available as outdoor storage cabinet
  • Genuine sump capacities maintained with suspended perforated floor
  • Heavy duty base raised up from floor with drain plug for safe disposal of spills
  • Continuous stainless steel pin hinging for maximum strength and reliability
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Fully compliant to Australian standards
  • Weight: 98Kg
  • Standard Shelves: 2 (including base level)